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Theta Films is a specialist documentary production company driven by a passion to tell stories and a desire to spark the imagination. Our talented team of filmmakers combine a high-quality cinematic style with raw emotion to reveal planet earth, and the lives of those living on it, in a way that is both imaginative and inspiring, captivating and critical.

The company has three key elements; producing original non-fiction films and series, servicing international productions filming in Africa, and distributing African media internationally.


Documentaries are an artistic portal into the world, giving light and form to our shared experiences. They are a visual exploration of the passion, the pain, and everything in between, portrayed in cinematic moments. Theta Films exists for these moments. To witness them, capture them, and deliver them to the viewer.

We are focused on producing high-end non-fiction – series, feature docs and shorts – for film, television and digital platforms. We also bring our cinematic documentary style to EPKs and Commercials, when producers are seeking to add a raw reality to their productions.


Filming in Africa can be a challenge. Let our team assist with your production to make your filmmaking experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. From logistics and permits, to creative and crew, we're here to help.

At Theta we specialise in SONY and RED cinema cameras for our productions,  while our modified Toyota Land Cruisers are fully equipped to transport film crews through any African terrain. 

All of our kit is prepped, ready for production, and available for hire.


As non-fiction specialists with 15 years of experience, we offer a bridge between production and distribution for African filmmakers.

Co-producing with Theta is available at any stage, from treatment right through to delivery. We pride ourselves in personal partnerships, and commit to making sure your story is told.  

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